We're the ones the big guys keep looking at in their rear-view mirror, and the ones that the little guys stare at in amazement. We're industry veterans from both sides - we come from large corporations that are capable of shipping many thousands of systems a month, and smaller, "boutique" prodigies adept at beating the competition into submission with style. But we've come together to bring the best of both worlds to the consumer.

We're fed up with the ludicrous boasts from self-proclaimed "performance" computer builders (you know, the long list of companies that all say that they build the fastest machines on the planet), which have no real-world benefits to a real customer but a very real impact on their wallet. We also think that the big guys have turned the PC into nothing more than a commodity, and that has resulted in cut corners, underpowered computers, and a reliance on loading down your system with useless 3rd party software (we call it bloatware) to subsidize low margins. We know all their tricks and we've read their play books.

But SolidWavePC is throwing conventional wisdom out the window and we're breaking the mold. We are born of the best of both worlds. Personal service before and after the sale. Built and supported in the United States. Quality at a fair price. We build top-quality computers with common sense configurations, whether it be a simple machine for home movies and pictures or a 3D gaming powerhouse. Everything we offer has been thoughtfully configured, fully qualified, and is manufactured under strict industry quality standards. And given our unique structure, we can ship machines faster and better than those who would call themselves our competition.

We invite you to join in. Make SolidWavePC your own.